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Interiors inspiration - where to find it.

I'm currently knee deep in magazine cuttings, colour charts and paint pots, planning the next phase of our house renovation.

I thought I'd share my go to places for inspiration and ideas when I'm researching for a project. I hope it'll help when you're doing up your next room.

Living Etc - No joke, I do a little happy dance every time it drops through my letterbox. My favourite interiors magazine, I have stacks of them piled high around the house and constantly refer back to past editions when I'm looking for ideas for a new project. Granted, many of the houses featured are high end, but for global interiors inspiration, it's hands down my favourite magazine.


Pinterest is a brilliant search engine for interiors inspiration and unlike Instagram, which can be very trend driven, Pinterest has millions of images for every possible style you can imagine. Pinning images straight to your chosen board, you can quickly visualise your favourite elements from each image. I often find that I'm pinning variations of the same thing, revealing to me what it is I actually like. It's a great place to discover your style if you're not quite sure what that is yet.

Get out and look around you, eye up other houses in your area, take note of interesting architectural details. If you're not too far from London I guarantee a trip to the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour will leave you bursting with new ideas. Tottenham Court Road has some great interiors stores to explore; West Elm, Heals, Bo Concept, Habitat and MADE to name a few. These stores can also be found in other major cities and large shopping centres around the UK.

I also love a wander inside Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to ogle at the Interior Decor. And I can't forget the fabulous interiors at Sketch London. Just WOW.

Instagram - aside from my favourite home accounts - &thentheywentwild, The idle hands Theobert_pot, Suszi Saunders, (I could go on and on) I like to follow architects, stylists and interior designers, experts in their field - Jonathan Adler, Mad Atelier, Eyeswoon, Liz Kamarul, Emilie Fournet Interiors, Kitty Kelly Style, The Socialite Family.

Green and Mustard provide gorgeous daily interiors inspiration and Julia Alexander Interiors is a great account to follow for tips and ideas.

Blogs - there's so many great ones out there, but a few of my favourites are - Melanie Lissack, Emma Jane Palin and Lisa Dawson. Aside from personal blogs, many of the high street stores now have a great inspiration section on their website.

If you head to in the 'Ideas' section you can find house tours, style tips and you can 'find your style'.

Habitat and Rockett St George also have some great inspo and a good blog section.

Farrow and Ball have an inspiration section full of beautifully styled homes, divided into different rooms to make it quick and easy to search.

Hotels - My very patient husband now knows as soon as we arrive in a nice hotel to head to the bar (alone) while I explore every inch of the hotel, camera in hand, snapping every delightful detail. My favourites for interior porn are any of The Pig hotels, The Rose in Deal (pictured below) and The Artists Residence which I'm yet to go to, but is on my hitlist!

I really could go on and on, theres so much on offer if you take the time to delve in, but these are the places I look to time and time again. Hope you can enjoy them too x


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